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Financial Assistance

ONEWEEK is by far the biggest and best thing that Fusion does all year long! Over the years, we have learned that ONEWEEK is not only one of the best weeks of a student’s year, but also one of the most impactful weeks of their life. Even though ONEWEEK is lots of fun, overflowing with opportunities for students to build relationships and is focused on helping students understand Jesus on their level, we realize that it comes at significant cost to the family.

We fully recognize that times change and the financial situation of a household can, at times, be in flux. This is why we always take into account the financial impact on the family when planning ONEWEEK while not sacrificing our wins (creating enjoyable environments, building relationships, helping students understand Jesus on their level). Our main goal is to get unsaved teens to ONEWEEK to hear the Gospel while providing opportunities for saved teens to be challenged to take their next step in their walk with Jesus.

As such, we have two mechanisms to help students attend ONEWEEK despite what the financial climate of your home may be.

Request a Scholarship
Applications must be submitted no later than June 22.

This year, scholarships will be linked to serving at Abundant Life.

Here at Abundant Life, we value serving and we will be partnering with Family Ministry and Guest Services to serve our church body. Below you will see how your student may earn a scholarship for ONEWEEK.

  • $50 Scholarship: Serve 1 month (4 Sundays) as a Door Greeter with Guest Services.
  • $100 Scholarship: Serve 1 month (4 Sundays) in Route 56 with Journey Kids.
  • $100 Scholarship: Serve at 1 Respite Night with Family Ministry.
  • $365 Scholarship: Serve at 4 nights at VBS with Family Ministry.

Students may serve multiple months or in multiple ways to earn a full scholarship beginning March 2020 and must be completed by July 5, 2020. To finalize the scholarship application, students must submit at least two paragraphs to breanna@abundantlifels.com stating what they learned through serving, a specific instance they showed Jesus to another, and how they can take this experience to grow their experience at ONEWEEK and beyond.

If your student is unable to serve with Abundant Life, please contact breanna@abundantlifels.com for other opportunities to earn a scholarship.

Still have questions?

Email us at breanna@abundantlifels.com