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Global Outreach

Reaching the World One Life at a Time

We believe in reaching the world, one life at a time. Even though we’re based in Lee’s Summit, our ministry reaches around the globe. Here, there and everywhere, the sun never sets on our ministry. Will you join us? Abundant Life supports more than 60 partners worldwide.



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We believe this is the most relevant action we can take. So we plant churches here and everywhere to reach more people for Jesus.


Apart from action, it’s just an emotion. We bring compassion to the hurting.

Creative Access

This is God’s work behind closed doors. The message is so important that we desire to bring it to everyone we can.


When upheaval occurs it brings redemptive opportunities. When these moments happen we act quickly to bring hope.

Global Serve Teams

We desire to see lives changed by Jesus and this mission is not limited to our city. With Global Serve Teams we are able to see God change lives by serving with our partners all throughout the world.

Global Serve Team’s Vision
To see God change Lives by serving with our Partners all throughout the world.

2020 Goal
Have over 500 people serve on a Global Serve Team

Family Vacation Challenge
Each family replaces one family vacation in the next three years with a Global Serve Team.

GST Trips



February 4-13, 2019 (Construction)


 Partner with Northwest Haiti Christian Mission on minor construction projects in preparation for the medical team.


February 14-23, 2019

Partner with Northwest Haiti Christian Mission by serving the people of Haiti through the physical need for medical care, which will provide an opportunity to meet their spiritual need.



March 16-25, 2019

Registration is closed.


Partner with Hopegivers International by serving orphans at Hope Homes and villages. Team members will work on projects and be part of building intentional relationships.



April 13-19, 2019


The team will minister at orphanages with Iglesia Baptiste Del Valle members, work on projects at the church building, distribute Bibles and invite people to the church’s Easter service.

South Africa

South Africa

April 22-May 2, 2019


The team will work with our partner, Bob Graham, ministering to AIDS orphans at Indawo Yethemba Children’s Village and may also work on some construction projects.



June 10-18, 2019


The team will work with London Infusion Outreach. This program is designed so that anyone can participate, regardless of previous experience or Bible knowledge. The goal is to share Christ with as many people as possible within a community.



June 20-28, 2019


The team will work with a local church helping to equip church members to engage their unchurched friends and family in Gospel conversations and sharing ways to demonstrate the love of Jesus. The team may do some prayer walking and may also get to work with a new church plant. Sightseeing is a possibility and may include a discussion of European church history.



July 6-13, 2019


Partner with Good News in Action to reach one of the largest cities in South America with the Gospel.



July 5-14, 2019


This teams provides an opportunity to serve Middle Eastern refugees at a summer camp for kids, and also help a local church with their Syrian refugee feeding ministry.

South Sudan

South Sudan

June 20-July 1, 2019


More information coming soon!



July 10-29, 2019


This summer camp allows you to experience the vast culture of China while teaching the Chinese students conversational English As a Second Language. If you come to China this trip will open your eyes to the way life is in China and give you the opportunity to make a difference in a Chinese young person’s future. The Chinese children will love you as you have never been loved before. They will become a part of your life.


Global Outreach

Jesus is writing an incredible story in the Middle East. Pastor Jeremy Brownlee shares his experiences from the last two trips Abundant Life has taken to Lebanon.