Men’s Bible Studies

Financial Peace
Learn biblically 7 easy-to-follow steps to get out of debt, budget with a real plan for your money, build wealth and give like none before.

Spiritual Warfare / Bondage Breaker
Understanding the lies of the enemy and how to battle against them. Understand how to take the offensive position spiritually and expand the kingdom of God instead of always being on the defensive and feeling like you are always being attacked. Understanding your true identity in Christ.

Manhood Unchained
Every Wednesday night, we will unpack a variety of charter traits applicable to helping men grow personally and to help them make a difference for eternity at home and in the workplace. This will be an interactive, Biblically based discussion just for men of all ages and we won’t pull any punches.

Kingdom Call
Join us in a 13 week study on 1 Chronicles 12 concerning David’s mighty men who helped King David establish his kingdom in Israel. As in days of old, God’s Spirit is calling out men of God in preparation of establishing King Jesus’ coming kingdom on earth, and you are called to play your part . . . it’s Kingdom’s Call!