Men’s Bible Studies

Financial Peace
Learn biblically 7 easy-to-follow steps to get out of debt, budget with a real plan for your money, build wealth and give like none before. You will need to register and purchase materials here before the class begins on January 24.

Conquer Series
A cinematic teaching series on sexual purity to help men get to the root of sexual bondage and into the freedom that Christ holds before them. Study Guide is the only required material.

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Manhood Unchained
We will unpack a variety of charter traits applicable to helping men grow personally and to help them make a difference for eternity at home and in the workplace. This will be an interactive, Biblically based discussion just for men of all ages and we won’t pull any punches.

Standing Tall in a Failing World
A 9 week study of 2 Peter. This class will teach men how to perfect the faith, pinpoint the faithless, and purify the faithful. In order to do this, there is truth we must be mindful of if we want to avoid spiritual failure. Men will learn how to dissect scripture, preach the word and encourage one another.