Men’s Bible Studies

The King’s Gospel
The King’s Gospel will blow your mind. It will put your doubts and questions to rest, for the Gospel of the Kingdom is the key to life! If you enter into God’s dominion, you’ll discover that everything you need or want in life becomes available to you.

Manhood Unchained
In this interactive discussion, Rod Handley & Dan Gerdes will continue to look at attributes and character qualities associated with being a Christ-centered man. Just bring your Bible and a notebook.

Heart of a Warrior
Before you can become the Warrior, you must become the Beloved Son. There’s a reason good friends are hard to find. You don’t find them, you make them. And they are made on the journey of the heart. Masculine friendship, brotherhood, redemptive community are forged over time together, knowing one another’s stories and journeying together for more. Book Cost is $10.

Through the Wall
“Through the Wall” – based on Peter Scazzero’s book, Emotionally Healthy Spirituality. We will discuss the parts of our past, and present, that makes us who we are as men, fathers, and husbands! Parts that are “under the surface” and parts that are physically seen. We will talk about how we sometimes have to take a step or two back, to then move forward as men. So… want to know how to go “through the wall” as men? You may purchase the book on Amazon, but it is not required.