GROUPS are missional and communal. Our mission is to see lives changed by Jesus. The Christian faith is best experienced in circles, not rows. It is impossible to grow spiritually without involving other believers into our life.

The core value of Community is realized in our On-Site and Off-Site GROUPS.

Off-Site Groups

Off-Site GROUPS are 12 adults meeting in homes in and around Lee’s Summit, having discussions of faith, doing life together, and growing in Christ.

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Interested in leading a new Off-Site GROUP?


Interested in participating in an Off-Site GROUP?


For more information contact Off-Site Groups Administrative Assistant Krystal Dunahee.

Women's Off-Site Groups

Women’s 20’s & 30’s Group

Tuesdays  /  7 pm

Single women in their 20’s and 30’s, with or without children. Childcare not provided. Meetings will take place in or near Lee’s Summit.

Group Leaders: Sara Cardwell & Marley Sugar


Women’s Physical Fitness Group

Saturdays  /  8:30-10:30 am

Single women, mixed life stages (various ages).  Childcare not provided.  Meetings will take place in Lee’s Summit in various restaurants/homes with the first half devoted to Bible study and the second half devoted to walking/light jogging together.

Group Leader: Vikkie Covell


Women’s Healthcare & More Group

Alternating Wednesdays and Fridays  /  6:30 pm

Single/Married women, mixed life stage. No childcare provided.  Meetings will take place in Lee’s Summit.  Bible studies will occur three times a month and are for anyone in the healthcare profession (whether you work with patients, do administrative work, etc.)  Open also to those not in the healthcare profession as well.

Group Leaders: Candi Faulkner & Marquis Mitchell


Women’s 30’s-50’s Sunday Afternoon Group

1st through 3rd Sundays

Single women, 30’s-50’s. Childcare provided. Meetings will take place in Lee’s Summit.

Group Leaders: Shalonda Bailey & Diane Neal


Women’s Creative Group

Thursdays  /  7:30 pm

Single/Married women, mixed life stage (20 years+). No childcare provided. Meetings will take place in Lee’s Summit. Bible studies will occur each week with once a month reserved for either social times together where everyone brings their creative project and/or an outreach together using creative gifts.

Group Leader: Pamela Williams


On-Site Groups

On-Site Groups meet during our weekend services almost every Sunday, with few exceptions.

We invite you to come check out one of our many classes!

For more information contact the church office at (816) 554-8181.

 TimeMain CampusTeacher
Trailblazers (Senior Adults)8 amRoom 1025Pat Koontz
Cracked Pots (50's - 70's)8 amRoom 1026Steve Baker
LIFT (Ladies in Fellowship Together)8 amRoom 1024René Fracassa
Pursuit (20's - 40's)9:35 amRoom 1026Lance Harrington
Legacy (Senior Adults)9:35 amRoom 1025Pat Koontz
Young Marrieds (20's - 30's)9:35 amRoom 1024Tim Holman
Journey Kids (babies through 6th grade)9:35 amChildren's WingVisit Guest Services Trailer
Growing Families (20's - 40's)11:10 amRoom 1025Greg Nyhus
Elevate (Young Married)11:10 amRoom 1024Blake Fortner
Journey Kids (babies through 6th grade)11:10 amChildren's WingVisit Guest Services Trailer

 TimeCore CampusTeacher
Journey Together (30's - 50's)9:35 amAuditoriumMatt Bartle
Vision9:35 amC107Bill Ward
Ladies-n-Sync9:35 amC108Wendy Nyhus
Peace (All ages)9:35 amC004Jeff Cox
Game Changers (30's - 50's)9:35 amC008Scott Todd
The Well (40's - 60's)9:35 amC009Jon Parsons
Discovery (30's - 60's)9:35 amC010Mark McGaughey
Singles (40's +)11:10 amC004Frank Wirt
Fusion Students 11:10 amVarious RoomsVisit The Core Next Steps Desk