When you seek counseling it is important to know what the counselor values. The counselors at Abundant Life value confidentiality, trust, truth, professionalism, and humility. We understand the counselor is not above the client. We see counseling as a journey embarked on where the counselor and client approach change and healing together.

Abundant Life practices a biblical integrated counseling model, utilizing the teaching of Scripture as well as the fields of counseling and psychotherapy. We provide the highest quality of services to our clients through a team of master’s or above level counselors with varying levels of experience and specializations. We strive to meet the stringent ethical and professional guidelines set forth by the State of Missouri. Because we are a non-profit service associated with Abundant Life, we reserve the right to decline therapy services for any court related or mandated matters. All counseling sessions are by appointment only.

Services include:
• Marriage Counseling
• Individual Counseling
• Family Counseling
• Play Therapy
• Addiction Recovery
• Financial Counseling

To schedule an appointment call 816.554.0944 between 9-2 pm Monday-Friday. Day and evening counseling sessions are available Monday-Saturday based on availability.

Pre-licensure Counselor (Master’s Level) – $30 session fee
Provisionally Licensed/Licensed Counselor – $50 session fee

We do not accept any form of insurance.

The counseling center is located on the bottom floor of the administration building. Entrance and parking in back.

414 SW Persels Rd
Lee’s Summit, MO 64081


Pre-Marital/Pre-Engagement Counseling Workshop

Admin Building, Room 4

Our pre-marital/pre-engagement counseling workshop is a six-week class, which meets on Sunday mornings three times a year at 11am.

Fall – September 17, 2017 – October 22, 2017

This workshop prepares couples for marriage and includes training and instruction to establish a strong foundation by developing communication skills, getting your sex life off to a great start, helping with financial planning, and foreseeing potential challenges.

This workshop is highly recommended if you wish to have an Abundant Life Pastor officiate your ceremony. The workshop includes lecture, compatibility assessment/curriculum, mentoring, and two post marriage follow-up meetings.

We strongly recommend you enroll in the premarital workshop before you get engaged or set a date.  However if you are already engaged, and have set a date, the next suggestion is to enroll in premarital classes at least 6 months before your wedding date.

There is a $100 enrollment fee per couple, which includes the professional counselors, a relationship assessment, curriculum, and personal mentors.

For more information contact us.

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