Phil Hopper

Lead Pastor

Lance Harrington

Executive Pastor

Bill Gibbs

Outreach Pastor

Mark McGaughey

Spiritual Formation Pastor

Shawn Struckmeier

Creative Arts Pastor

Dave Williams

Business Administrator

Pat Koontz

Senior Adults & Care Pastor

Dustin Rosner

Connections Pastor

Tim Holman

Groups Pastor

Josiah Jones

Young Adults Pastor

Chad Glover

Young Adults Teaching Pastor

Jernigan Schwent

Church Plant Pastor

Toshaun Avery

Student Connections Pastor

Breanna McGinnis

Student Administrator

Steven Branch

Student Pastor

James Hamilton

Family Pastor

Jeremy Brownlee

Children’s Pastor

Angela Moody

Preschool Ministry Coordinator

Tami Todd

Infant Ministry Coordinator

Courtney Stolfus

Toddler Ministry Coordinator

Kristi Hinton

Special Needs Coordinator

Joanna Doll

Children's Serve Team Coordinator

David Greer

Worship Pastor

Matt Hittson

Graphic Designer

Brantley Ping

Video & Media Director

Anthony Dabbs

Assistant Technical Director

Rachael Branson

Communications Director

Mac Boley

Video Creative

Shannon Henry

Associate Technical Director

David Jones

Technical Director

Blake Fortner

Church Plant Pastor

Rick Roeber

Pastor of Prayer

Sean Tortorano

Guest Services Director

Debbie Stiegler

Community Relations Director

Krystal Dunahee

Groups Administrative Assistant

Jennifer Spears

Women's Director

Athena Brattin

Events Coordinator

Lona Bremer

Office Manager

Lisa Deacy

Executive Assistant

Jennifer Nichols

Administrative Assistant

Sarah Yallaly

Administrative Assistant

Trisha Pygman

Administrative Assistant

Emily Tohlen

Administrative Assistant

Ken Klassy

IT Director

Cory Weeda

Director of Facility

Billy Ward

Facilities Assistant

Danny Reddell

Facilities Assistant

Sue Horning

Food Pantry Director

Caleb Rimes

Facilities Assistant

Jeff Cox

Leadership Development and Counseling Pastor

Keith Bond

Director Of Counseling

Cindy Parks

Café Manager

Larry Lanning

Counseling Administrator

Emily Duggan

Wellness Groups Director